Private Label Rights gives you the ability to modify the content of the product (eBooks, Articles, Audio, Video) however you’d like. You can claim full authorship of a product that has PLR rights.

What is PLR
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When you purchase a PLR Product you have the rights to re-brand it as pleased, you become the author! This gives you full rights to the product and the freedom to market and sell the product as you wish. You keep 100% of the profits!


People want Quality Content! Give them what they’re searching for by simply marketing yourself as an expert in any niche with the help of our ready-made PLR Content. Build a Loyal Following by using our Products with resell rights.


Time is extremely valuable, using PLR Content can reduce the amount of time you spend writing up blog posts


There are many more uses for PLR, we cover some of them in this resell rights guide.

Why should I use PLR?

Apart from using PLR there are 2 other options you can consider. DIY (Do it yourself) and Hiring (Paying someone else to do it) Lets run through a Hypothetical scenario supposing you already have a blog.

Option 1 – DIY

It takes you some time to write up each post, and then you would have to join an affiliate program if you have not done so already. You would still have to find pictures and other related content to maximize your SEO score. That is time wasted. Yes you have spent 0$ and made around $100 over time depending on how many views you get, and if anyone actually clicks your affiliate links from that single post. There are many other things you could have spent your valuable time on.


Option 2 – Hiring 

You decide to hire a writer to write up the posts for you. Depending on the quality of the work you would like and who the writer is, you could be charged from as low as $10 to 1000’s. Then you’d still have to wait for it to get done.

Option 3 – Using PLR

What if i told you there was a way you could get more done in less time? There is! Using PLR however guarantees that you save time, as all you would have to do is read through it, make changes where you see fit, and Publish it as a post with your own affiliate links. With our current in store discounts and coupon codes which can be used in conjunction with one another, purchasing an individual product will only cost a couple of dollars. That way you’d get instant access to quality written articles at a affordable Ridiculous price and be able to publish much more content at an extremely fast pace, allowing you to scale through as many posts as you’d like per day.

Why Choose The PLR Library?

There are plenty of resell rights content producers out there. What makes us stand out is that we do not just offer the best quality PLR products but also strive to create our own product line with limited distribution, therefore only you as a buyer from us will have our products with their resell rights. For the quality we provide our pricing is extremely affordable, with our discounts and coupon sales always in favor of the customer. We also provide our customers with quality after sale support to establish a long lasting relationship – even if your question has nothing to do with PLR.





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