21 ideas for using plr to make money online

21 ideas for using our PLR products to start making money online

Here are 21 ideas for using our PLR products to start making money online

There are many ways you can use PLR to grow your business, to blog more frequently and to make money online, We will cover 21 unique ways to make money using Private Label Rights. These methods are being used everyday by countless of internet marketers, bloggers and businesses to dominate their Niche in short periods of time. In addition to reading this entire post you will receive a free 50% off voucher for any PLR Products of your choice up to the value of $100.

21 ideas for using plr to make money online

1 – Convert them into incredible website or blog content

Firstly, People flock to websites that provide valuable information. Fill your website with the content from our products and attract more visitors, because you are purchasing products with PLR rights, you can edit as you please so that its custom to your business model. As useful as knowing SEO is to drive traffic to your website, Quality content tops it off. Google wants to suggest websites that offers what the users (Your website visitors) want to learn/read. Having high quality information that will benefit your website visitors will attract eyeballs to it.

2 – Sell them on popular e-commerce sites

PLR may also contain the right to sell the product, if the product you purchase comes with the right to resell, you may do so on multiple popular e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Tradebit, and others. 

3 – Create your own online store

Sell our products instantly, as is, or modify them for a unique offer. If you do not know how to create your own website, do not worry, we will cover everything you need to know in the upcoming parts of this course.

4 – Use their content for an ongoing newsletter

Keep your email subscribers excited about your business by regularly sending out valuable information they can put into use. This builds trust with your subscribers and influences them to keep coming back for more. Make sure that the information you send out relates to your business model and is of value to your subscribers. 

5 – Use them for autoresponder emails or eCourse content

Build trust with your email subscribers by sending them valuable content for free. Then offer your digital product as premium paid content. You should make sure that you are giving more value for a low price tag. It’s not just about making money, it’s about supplying priceless content for your customers. 

6 – Reach more customers with a Joint Venture

Collaborate with other Internet marketers in your niche (or a related niche) and offer special packages to your larger combined customer base. This is a form of driving traffic to your website by “borrowing” subscribers of your JV partner and giving them a commission for sales made through their links. 

7 – Capture email addresses by offering a free signup bonus

People love receiving free content, Build a large email list by offering free products when people sign up. This will influence more people to sign up, and also educate your customer base at the same time. 

8 – Make an ecourse and give it away to subscribers

Feed your email subscribers with a series of emails comprising an eCourse. This is a great opportunity to show them value they love and promote other products that you offer. Yes this is exactly what brought you to read this. So if you’re reading, it worked. Didn’t it? 

9 – Make passive income from Google AdSense on your website

Sign up for Google AdSense and display Google advertisements on your PLR product website. You’ll get paid every time a visitor clicks an ad, You focus on growing your business, they will focus on bringing you another source of income. To go through with this step your website needs to be at least 6 months old and have quality content all through. Google will not just sign anyone up. You can find out more about Google AdSense here.

Google Adsense 

10 – Give them to customers as bonuses for buying other products

People are more likely to buy from you when you offer additional incentives for purchasing your primary product(s). Give free products as bonuses as a means of providing 10x more value than the purchased product itself. 

11 – Boost your affiliate campaign sales

Get more buyers by offering free bonus products to people who purchase your affiliate product. An example of this would be signing up for another businesses affiliate program and, giving a PLR product of your own once they purchase a product through your link. 

12 – Use our products to create your own digital product

Create a truly unique and valuable original product by combining the information and knowledge found in our PLR products.

13 – Use the content to create high quality video tutorials

Sell the tutorials in a package, give them away as a bonus, or use them to acquire traffic and gain followers on websites such as YouTube. 

14 – Use the content to create audio books or podcasts

Reach new customers who prefer to listen to eBooks or eCourses in audio form. 

15 – Develop a mobile app using the content

Tap into the huge and ever growing mobile market by using a PLR product’s content to create a paid app or free app which offers in-app purchases. 

16 – Increase their value with physical copies

Print physical books or reports and reach people who prefer physical copies. Items such as these may be sold at higher prices. 

17 – “Flip” the products for higher profit

Modify the products, add extra value, and sell it at a higher price at popular marketplaces, or directly from your own website.  

18 – Rewrite the content and submit it to blogs or article directories

High quality, informative articles or blog posts bring traffic to your website and establish backlinks to help other visitors to find it. 

19 – Turn them into a webinar to attract interested customers

Use the content for a high-value webinar that helps build your email list and sell other products that you offer. 

20 – Translate them into different languages and reach more customers

Reach a larger, untapped market where there’s less competition. 

21 – Learn the information for your own use

Increase your own knowledge of business and other valuable skills.

Now that you know how to use PLR to make money online, you can use this 50PLROFF coupon code to get you started, please note that this code can only be used once for the first 100 people who use it and can only be used for $100 worth of PLR, so dont waste it on buying just one product, unless that’s all you need.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all private label product providers grant the right to use all of the above techniques. Make sure to check through the license terms before purchasing the product, as breaking these rules is against the license agreement, therefore illegal.

Comment below on which ideas you find the most interesting, and will start implementing within your own business.

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