Private Label Rights for Bloggers

PLR – Private Label Rights For Bloggers

PLR – Private Label Rights for Bloggers

Relevant Quality Information is what web surfers are searching for and successful Internet marketers know that providing relevant content on their sites is the first key to building a highly profitable online business, may it be blogging or selling any kind of product. That’s simple enough for those who love writing, but how can you publish content if writing is a daunting task to you?

Luckily, ‘private label rights’ products exists. The PLR Products we will be looking into specifically as bloggers are “PLR Articles / Article Packs”

Private Label Rights for Bloggers

What are Private Label Rights Articles?

Private label rights article packs are the low-cost alternative to hiring ghostwriters – and less time-consuming than writing articles and ebooks yourself!

This content can be used as-is or edited by the buyer (who now owns the rights to the content). All rights differ from company to company, some may sell content with the right to resell the content to, as if it’s a PLR product you created, others may not.


There are Five significant benefits to buying and using private label rights articles for your blog:

Saving Time

Instead of having to spend hours crafting quality content, all you have to do is purchase a PLR Articles pack and use the content as your blog post / website content.

Post More Frequently

As an added benefit to saving time, you are now able to post more frequently and grow you business and blog at an exponential rate. Using PLR correctly puts you at an advantage over your competitors of you business or blog.

Explore other Niches – Get More Ideas

Since Private Label Rights may come with the right to edit and post as your own, you now have a variety of other Niches to explore regardless of how experienced you are at writing on those topics, you may also get some more ideas from the content itself.

Pricing – Why Not Just Get a Ghost Writer

Purchasing PLR content is relatively inexpensive compared to hiring a writer to create blog content for you. Good Private label rights articles average between $3 – $5 a pack. whereas a ghostwriter may charge anywhere between $10-$100 (or more) for one well-written article. With PLR you usually have the added benefit to modify the content in any way you would like, while still being able to assume full credit as if you have written the material yourself. Having the right to modify the articles means that your final product will be completely different from anyone else who buys and uses the same material, as they would have the write to add their writing taste to it aswell.

Reselling – Creating an Additional Source of Income

As a blogger you may make money by running google ads through your website, by promoting an affiliates product and receiving a commission, or by selling your own products. With PLR you can up your game by selling PLR too, since you now own it. In some cases you may even have the right to give the product for free as a compliment to an affiliate product to drive up your affiliate sales and bring in more sales.

PLR Advantages for Bloggers

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