Fitness Planner – Notion Template

$ 19,00

Revolutionize your fitness journey and achieve your health goals with our Premium Private Label Rights (PLR) Fitness Planner Notion Template—an all-encompassing digital tool meticulously designed for individuals committed to a healthier lifestyle. This dynamic template is more than just a digital canvas; it’s your key to organizing workout routines, tracking progress, and maintaining a balanced fitness regimen. Personalize it to align with your specific fitness goals, whether you’re planning workouts, monitoring nutrition, or scheduling recovery days.

Fully customizable, this Notion template empowers you to infuse it with your unique fitness preferences seamlessly. Whether used as a workout log, nutrition tracker, or a guide for comprehensive fitness planning, our PLR Fitness Planner Notion Template is your go-to solution for a more organized and results-driven fitness journey. Elevate your exercise routine, stay on top of fitness goals, and simplify your path to a healthier you with this comprehensive and customizable Notion template designed for effective fitness planning.

Please note: this productivity planner is part of the ultimate life planner.

What’s included?

This planner includes 5 pages.

✓ Fitness Vision
✓ Fitness Planner
✓ Exercises
✓ Progress Tracker
✓ Fitness Challenge

You can edit:
– Text (content, size, color, style)
– Photos
– Background color
– Move and scale elements

After purchasing this template, you’ll receive a link in the email to the template. This template is made in Notion.