plr for resellers

Start your own PLR Reselling Business


The topic of discussion that we are going to explore is a concept where products can be resold with the intention of making a profit. It is suggested that you know what the different types of rights are before continuing. Just about anyone can make money online by selling other peoples products. But why be an affiliate if you can completely own the product and therefore keep all of the profits you make out of it?
We will be spilling the secret on how you can start your very own business selling PLR.

plr for resellers


Three essential resources are required when starting any kind of business, may it be an online or physical store. A platform, where you will put your products out for sale. A product, the thing you will be selling and a Target market, the people you intend to sell to. The concept of selling online is as simple as that.


There are tons of platforms to sell digital products online, namely, eBay, Amazon, etsy, shopify and tons of other sales channels. However places like these are filtered with fees after fees. We will be teaching you how you can build your very own business, on your very own website.


In this demonstration we will be using WordPress as the Content Management System (CMS), and SiteGround as the hosting provider.

In order to set up your WordPress, you’re going to need two things:

1 – Domain Name (a web address like
2 – Web Hosting (a service that provides access to your website)

We will accomplish both these things through SiteGround.


Please note that this is not a sponsored link, we use SiteGround ourselves. Therefore we recommend it. This link is a referral link that every user on SiteGround has. We will not receive any amount of money for you using this link, only an extended hosting plan for ourselves. Using this link will also give you a huge discount of up to 60%

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Click on Managed WordPress Hosting

siteground web hosting

Choose your preferred hosting plan

siteground web hosting plan

Choosing Your Domain name:
This will be the name of your business. This name needs to be related to your business. For example, our domain name is

Fill in your payment details and you’re all set.

Now that you have a hosting account and domain name you will need to install WordPress.


1 – Log in to your hosting account.
2 – Go to your control panel.
3 – Look for the “WordPress” or “Website” icon.
4 – Choose the domain where you want to install your website.
5 – Click the “Install Now” button and you will get access to your new WordPress website.

If you would like a detailed guide, try this link which will demonstrate the full process of installing WordPress


A service used to send automatic emails your customers

An eCommerce toolkit that helps you sell anything.

WooCommerce Services
Hosted services for WooCommerce: automated tax calculation, shipping label printing, and smoother payment setup

WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Gateway
A payment gateway for PayPal Checkout

Yoast SEO
An all-in-one SEO solution for WordPress.

There may very well be hundreds of other plugins you may want to use, but this entirely depends on you and how you would like to personalize your website.


Now that you have a website with the required plugins you will need. You need a Product to sell, this product can be can be a PLR article pack, a PLR ebook, PLR audiobooks or videos with PLR. You can go through our list of products by clicking the button below

Make sure to change the name of the product and edit the content itself to limit competition. Making a few changes to your products will prove to be more beneficial than not in the long run.

To answer the question how do you have more control over your content? As a reseller your intention is to branch and source content as your own intellectual property. This is the typical modus operandi. What makes your content worth more is presentation and quality. If customers know what to expect of your services they will be more willing to engage in your content. Re-branding content is an easy task to do. We make it easier for you by providing a license as a guideline in streamlining communication on the responsibilities as an author/owner of the product.

The reason why branding is the most important factor in reselling PLR or any content stands to remain true to its cause. You want people to know the value that you are able to provide. Your branding is a direct indicator of how much thought you have put into your end product and justifies the value you add to it. Quality content is directly proportional to consumer attention – collaboratively they will bring in more sales.

The PLR reseller market is rapidly growing. Join the hype with these tips and start your own PLR business.


The target market for selling PLR is fairly huge. PLR is used by internet marketers, bloggers and resellers to grow their businesses, blog more frequently or sell PLR themselves. There are numerous ways to make money online with PLR content. Using social media is key to growing your business, so be sure to create an account for each social media platform to market your products and start making sales!

Start your own Business Reselling PLR Today!

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